Police - An organisation linked to formal punishments, Retribution - People getting what they deserve, Deterrence - Trying to put people off committing crime, Reparation - Trying to put things right, Tradition - An Internal form of social control , Public protection - Making sure people feel safe , Coercion - An external form of social control, Crime Control - Rights of the victim are the most important , Pressure groups - Starting point for change in law, Rehabilitation - Cuts down on reoffending, CPS - Decides on the charge given to criminals, Recidivism - This is a term linked to reoffending in prisoners, Green Paper - Written to provoke public discussion, Restorative Justice - This is linked to reparation, Imprisonment - This helps maintain public protection , Attachment - One of the elements of Hirschi's control theory, Internal - Super ego is an example of this kind of social control?, Walter Reckless - A theorist from control theory, Colin Stagg - An example of a miscarriage of justice, Right Realism - Links to the crime control model, Courts - Links to the prison service, Royal Assent - Need this before a law can be passed.,




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