Homosexuality - A law that changes over time and culture, Homicide - A law that is affected by circumstances, Mesomorph - This is linked to Sheldon's theory of crime, Atavistic traits - A feature of Lombroso's theory, Reductionist - A theory is overly simplistic but testable, Deterministic - A theory says we have no free choice, Scope - The amount of crimes this theory helps us explain , Bowlby - Is a psychodynamic theory, Eysenck - Is a psychological theory, Bandura - Social learning theorist, Role models - Explains why we copy certain behaviour , Imitate - What we do when we copy behaviour, Token Economy - A formal individualistic policy, Aversion Therapy - A informal individualistic policy, ART - An effective treatment for aggressive offenders, Demographic changes - Explains the changes in the make up of society, Mores - Very basic but essential norms of society, Values - Guidelines about how we should live our lives, Snowdrop - An example of a pressure group, Drink driving - An example of public perception of crime, Immigration - Led to demographic change in the uk, viral messaging - A media method used in campaigns, Moral Panic - The impact of media in the portrayal of crime, Ripple effect - A consequence of unreported crime, Disinterest - A personal reason people don't report crime, Complexity - A social reason people don't report crime, Honour crime - A type of individual crime, Prostitution - A type of moral crime,




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