flip-flops - you wear them on the beach, sun hat - you wear it on your head when it's hot, flavour - ice cream .... - vanilla, chocolate or strawberry, ferry - f.ex. Stena Line to Sweden, suitcase - you pack your clothes and toys in it, sun chair - you sit there to sunbathe, sandcastles - you build them on the beach, sunglasses - you wear them when it's sunny, sunscreen - you put it on for protection, trunks - boys wear them for swimming, camera - you take photos with this, bucket - a box for sand (for making sandcastles), hiking - walking in the mountains, camping - sleeping in a tent, sightseeing - visiting museums and other places in a city, diving - swimming under the sea, wallet - where you keep your money, credit card - a plastic card for making payments, tent - where you sleep when camping, matches - you need them to make a fire, compass - you use it to find the right way in the forest, penknife - a small knife, passport - a document for travelling to different countries,




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