felt pretty cozy, plenty of cash, come to the lobby, tidy and new, any nasty cold, does get zany, too skinny now, puny and small, only the jelly, pretty ruby ring, nifty new place, only use justly, any dimly lit, candy for many, packed with plenty, many will envy, many lucky students, the only pretty lady, misty, flabby, glossy, bluntly, *gloppy, *glospy, *trummy, *vispy, *bleby, *blebby, *friby, *fribby, *shepty, The job will be complete in no time., There are many students in the lobby., Wendy bravely completed the hike., We must quickly get to safety., Many elastic bands will hold these things together., It is risky to demolish those documents., I strongly defended the protest., The volcano wildly erupted., The new student has plenty of skills to comprehend the novel..

Just Words Unit 8 lessons 6-10 words, phrases & sentences

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