1) When Queen Elizabeth II was born? a) 19 April 1926 b) 21 April 1926 c) 20 March 1930 2) What the Queen loves? a) Photography b) Crosswords 3) What kind of dogs did Elizabeth II breed? a) Yorkies, English Bulldogs and Corgies b) Corgie and Shih Tzu c) Spaniels, Labradors and Corgies​ 4) What was the name of Elizabeth II's mother? a) Elizabeth b) Anna c) Agnes d) Diana e) Camilla 5) How many children does she have? a) 1 b) 2 c) 8 d) 4 6) What is the crown made of? a) platinum b) metal 7) Where and when did the engagement of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip take place? a) in March 1950 at the Buckingham Palace in London b) in August 1946 at the Windsor estate in Balmoral 8) When Elizabeth II was crowned? a) on 2 July 1953 b) on 7 March 1943 c) on 2 June 1953 9) Z jakiej dynastii pochodzi Elżbieta II ? a) Windsor b) Williams c) Middleton d) Philips 10) What was diagnosed in her father? a) Tuberculosis - Gruźlica b) throat cancer




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