1) Hello ___________ are you ? - Fine, thanks a) What b) Who c) Where d) How 2) You _______ very hungry! a) am b) are c) is 3) In which sentence can you write IS ? ( w którym zdaniu można użyć IS? ) a) ______ you a doctor? b) ______ your parents here ? c) This_______ my mother. 4) Which question is NOT correct? ( Które pytanie NIE jest poprawne ) a) You are a manager? b) How old are you? c) Where is your house? 5) Which sentence is correct ? ( Które zdanie jest poprawne ? ) a) He not my dad, he's my husband b) Maria's not in the kitchen. c) I'm no a student, I'm a teacher 6) Are you hungry? a) Yes, I'm b) No, I not c) No, I'm not 7) ______ it cold outside ? a) Are b) Am c) Is 8) Where _____ you? a) is b) are c) aren't d) am 9) Sorry, but we ___ free on Friday. We're busy a) isn't b) aren't c) am not  10) That___ my sister, it's my mum! a) isn't b) aren't c) am not 11) Hello I ____ Paul. Nice to meet you. a) 'm b) 're c) 's 12) Which sentence is correct ? ( które zdanie jest poprawne ) a) That's Bobs' car b) That's Bob's car c) That's Bobs car d) That Bob's car 13) Which question is correct ? ( które pytanie jest poprawne ) a) Are you going to Dan and Suzies' party? b) Are you going to Dan and Suzie's party? c) Are you going to Dan's and Suzie's party? 14) Can you look after the ___ rabbit while we are on holiday? a) childrens' b) childrens's c) children's 15) That's not my bag. It's my_________. a) brother's b) brothers c) brothers's d) brothers' 16) Write your name at the _____ a) top of the page b) page in the top c) page's top 17) Which sentence is the best? ( którezdanie jest najlepsze ) a) Do you have newspaper of yesterday? b) Do you have yesterdays' newspaper ? c) Do you have yesterday's newspaper ? 18) That's my sisters' bedroom ( ile dziewczyn śpi w pokoju? ) a) it is impossible to know ( to niemożliwe żeby wiedzieć ) b) two or more c) one 19) Which sentence is the best? ( którezdanie jest najlepsze ) a) Istanbul is the biggest city of Turkey b) Istanbul is Turkeys' biggest city c) Istanbul is Turkey's biggest city 20) That's ___ car a) Anne's parents b) Anne's parents' c) Annes' parent's 21) I never read ____ magazines (WYJĄTEK) a) woman's b) women's c) womans' d) womens' 22) My sister lives in Berlin with ___ boyfriend a) his b) their c) her 23) My parents' house is very big, but ____ garden is small a) its b) his c) their 24) My brother and _____ wife live in Spain a) his b) our c) her 25) Which question is NOT correct? ( Które pytanie NIE jest poprawne ) a) My parents live in a small village. Their house is very big b) This is my friend, Catherine, and this is she husband, Tony c) Simon and I live in an old house with our three dogs 26) Who is that man over there ? a) That's Ben. He's our new boss b) That's Ben . They're his new boss c) That's Ben. We our new boss 27) We live in London with ___ three dogs a) my b) your c) their d) our 28) That's Tom, and that's ____ wife Katarina a) his b) her c) its 29) Janet and Paul have two daughters. ____ older daughter is at college, and the younger daughter goes to secondary school. a) their b) his c) her d) our 30) Lizie lost ___bag when she was in town a) her b) his c) their 31) Do you still live with .... parents? a) our b) their c) my d) your 32) Do you mind _____ Tom to school today ? a) taking b) takeing 33) I enjoy____ my friends in town for a drink. a) meetting b) meeting 34) Joe hates ___ to work late a) getting b) geting 35) I love _____ in the mountains in winter a) sking b) skiing 36) I don't mind _____ to work early tomorrow a) coming b) comming 37) I dislike ____ when it's sunny. a) shopping b) shoping 38) Tom doesn't like _______ on Sundays a) studying b) studing 39) My brother enjoys ______ compuer games a) plaing b) playing 40) Which sentence is correct? (które zdanie jest poprawne ) a) John is here today. b) Is John here today ? c) John he is here today 41) Where is my jacket? ( which answer is NOT correct) a) It's over there b) Here is it c) It's here d) Here it is 42) _____ is a good book shop near here . a) This b) Here c) There 43) Which question is correct ? a) How many rooms there are in your house ? b) How many rooms are there in your house ? c) How many rooms are in your house? 44) Your keys _____ here a) is b) - c) are 45) Which sentence is wrong? a) Here's my favourite bar b) There are some nice shops near my house c) There's a nice cafe near my house 46) Which sentence is correct ? a) There's your shoes b) Here's your bags c) Here's your coat 47) ___a bank near a hotel ? a) Here is  b) Is there c) There is 48) Where can you write LIVES ? a) My aunt _____ in Scotland b) I ____ near Birmingham c) Alice and Emma ___ in Ireland 49) Where can you write don't ? a) Paul ___ like coffee b) I ___ have a car c) It ___ rain much in Mexico 50) _____ you live near here ? a) Are b) Do c) Does 51) Which sentence is correct ? a) Tom goes to work on Sundays b) Maria haves a brown dog 52) It _____ cold yesterday a) were b) weren't c) was 53) My parents ____very pleased to see me a) was b) weren't c) wasn't 54) Which question is wrong ? a) Were the children good ? b) Was your holiday nice ? c) Were the food good ? 55) Which sentence is wrong ? a) Where you were yesterday? b) What time was the flight? c) What was the film about ? 56) Is ____ a supermarket near ____? a) there/here b) here/there c) here/here d) there/there 57) ______ a cash machine over ____ a) There's/ here b) Here's/ there c) There are / here




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