1) Monica __________ our favourite doctor. a) is b) am c) are 2) You _____depressed a) is b) am c) are 3) I ______not a Geography teacher a) is b) am c) are 4) Barbara and Lucy ______ sisters a) is b) am c) are 5) He ______ not young. He is forty - seven a) is b) am c) are 6) Do you like this book ? I think ____ is boring a) she b) you c) it d) he 7) He gave ______ a silver necklace a) I b) she c) me 8) This car is very old. ________ will break down in a minute. a) It b) They c) He 9) Can you lend _____ your dictionary ? a) we b) us c) they 10) I'm going to the cinema with _____ tonight. a) he b) them c) they 11) Let's paint _____ black. a) he b) she c) it 12) I don't like Mike. I prefer not to talk to _____ a) us b) her c) him d) me 13) She loves sailing. She really enjoys _____ a) him b) her c) it 14) I bought Annie a birthday present. I will give _____ a scarf. a) him b) her c) it 15) I booked a ticket for my parents. I will take _______ to a theatre a) us b) them c) they 16) Jimmy, wait ! Wait for______ ! a) I b) me c) my 17) Don't worry, I will look after little Toby. I will stay with _____ until you come back a) it b) him c) you d) he 18) We ______ four cows a) has b) have 19) Everybody ______ some secrets a) have b) has 20) Hannah and Trevor_______ a private cook a) have b) has 21) I _______ a twin sister . a) 've b) 's 22) Celine ______ very long legs a) 's b) 've 23) George and Leona are ________ friends a) them b) their c) theirs 24) ______Pope is in Italy now a) A b) An c) The 25) ______red curtains are not ours. a) This b) Those c) That 26) ______ is the longest day of the year. a) These b) Those c) This 27) Write to ______as soon as possible a) our b) us c) we 28) ________ a pink carpet on the floor a) There are b) Those are c) There is 29) ________ is very expensive a) Computer's Brian b) Brian's computer c) Brian computer 30) Our children often ______ board games in the evenings a) plays b) play c) do play 31) We never _____ alcohol at work a) drink b) don't drink c) drinks 32) Everybody ______ Rihanna a) don't like b) likes c) like 33) What ______ in her free time ? a) does Leila do b) does Leila c) do Leila does 34) My brother sometimes ____ me a) visit b) visits c) don't visit 35) Tracy and Tom _____ in Cracow a) lives b) live c) leaves 36) My sisters ______ my boyfriend a) doesn't hate b) hates c) hate 37) Her dogs sometimes ______ on the couch a) sleep b) sleeps c) does sleep 38) What ______? He is a doctor a) Victor does b) do Victor does c) does Victor do d) Victor do 39) ______everybody know the truth about this accident ? a) Do b) It c) Does 40) Where _____? a) Lucy and Greg are going b) are Lucy and Greg going c) are Lucy and Greg go 41) Margaret ______ for a job now a) look b) is look c) is looking 42) Mike and Tom _______ German tenses now a) are revising b) revising c) revise 43) You ______ to Beijing next Friday a) fly b) is flying c) are flying 44) What _______ ? a) is Richard drawing b) Richard is drawing c) drawing is Richard




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