Hello, can I speak to Ania, please? - Sorry, she's not here. Can I take a message? , Sorry, Adam's not here. - Could I leave a message?, Can I speak to Adam, please? - Speaking., I dropped my new Iphone.  - I'm sorry to hear that., I'm so stressed about the exam! - Take it easy. I'm keeping my fingers crossed., My mum isn't answering her phone. - Don't worry. She'll call you back. , Hi, Peter, what's up? - I'm calling about our homework. , I failed my exam. - Don't worry! When can you retake it? , My mum is going to a parent-teacher meeting today. I'm so nervous!  - Calm down. It's not going to be that bad... , Good morning, Mrs Smith, Tom speaking. Can I speak to Mandy, please? - Hold on a second, please. Mandy, it's for you! ,

Repetytorium 8 Pearson - UNIT 4: rozmowy telefoniczne i reakcje emocjonalne




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