1) Right Realist policy 2) Left Realist policy 3) Individualistic policy 4) Biological policy 5) What is the panopticon ? 6) Individualistic theory? 7) Biological theory? 8) Sociological theory? 9) What is a tarriff? 10) What does discharge mean? 11) What is a suspended prison sentence? 12) What does the word recidivism mean? 13) What does the word precedent mean? 14) What doe the phrase double jeopardy mean? 15) Explain the Literal Rule? 16) What is INQUEST campaigning for? 17) Can you name anyone in the UK with a whole life sentence? 18) Explain Claire's Law 19) What is the highest court in the UK? 20) The obstacle course is referring to which model of justice?


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