got - Martha was surprised that she ... an A in Maths. , learn  - I want to ... how to play the national anthem by heart on my violin. , skip - Our teacher told us to read the whole book and not to ... any chapters. , improve - My teacher said I must ... my marks if I want to go to university. , attract - I couldn't ... the sports teacher's attention from across the room. , retake - I need to ... yesterday's test because I got an F. , cheating - Anyone caught ... in the exam will receive a score of 0. , mock - We have a ... exam tomorrow to help us prepare for the real one. , mark - I wasn't surprised that Sally got such a good ... in the exam. , assembly - There is a special ... in the school hall this morning. , entrance - Annie passed the ... exam and was accepted into the grammar school. , past - Our teacher gave us some ... tests to show us what kind of questions to expect in the final exam. , sciences - If you are interested in chemistry and biology, then studying life ... might be just right for you. ,




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