I couldn't find my bike because ... - somebody had stolen it., I didn't want to go to the cinema because ... - I'd already seen the film., I didn't recognize Jack at first because ... - I hadn't seen him for 30 years., I couldn't catch the flight because ... - I'd left my passport at home., I didn't want to call Jane again because ... - I'd already rung her three times., I bought the book because ... - my sister had recommended it., My phone didn't work because ... - I'd forgotten to charge it., I couldn't go swimming because ... - I'd left my towel at home., I had a big argument with my husband last night because ... - he'd forgotten our wedding anniversary., I nearly cried when I came out of the hairdresser's because ... - he'd cut my hair much too short., I couldn't sleep because ... - I'd drunk too much coffee., I failed the exam because ... - I hadn't studied enough., I had problems reading the menu because ... - I hadn't brought my glasses., I couldn't eat the fish because ... - the chef hadn't cooked it enough.,




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