1) I have never (....) so happy in my life. a) was b) been c) were 2) Your son has (...) a handsome man. a) become b) became c) becomen 3) Mike's recently (...) to behave in a strange way. a) began b) begin c) begun 4) You've just (...) my favourite vase! a) broken b) broke c) breaken 5) I've (...) something for you. Have a look. a) brought b) bringed c) brincked 6) When was that church (...)? a) builden b) built c) build 7) Have you (...) that laptop yet? a) bougt b) buyed c) bought 8) The smugglers were (....) near the border. a) catchen b) caught c) cought 9) I've finally (...) my wedding dress. a) chosen b) choosen c) chose 10) I've (...) to pick up my mail. a) come b) came c) camen 11) It has already (...) me too much time. a) costen b) coast c) cost 12) Ouch! I've (...) my finger. a) cat b) cut c) cet 13) Look what you've (...)! a) did b) dan c) done 14) I've (...) a picture for you. Do you like it? a) drew b) drawn c) driwen 15) I've never (...) that I could go that far. a) dreamt b) dreamen c) dremt 16) I haven't (...) anything since the morning. a) drunk b) drank c) drink 17) I've never (...) such an expensive car. a) drive b) driven c) drove 18) Have you (...) breakfast yet? a) eaten b) ate c) eatten 19) The number of people using PCs has (...) by 30% in recent years. a) falen b) fell c) fallen 20) I've never (...) so humiliated in my life. a) feelen b) felten c) felt 21) I haven't (....) anything interesting yet. a) found b) finded c) find 22) I've never (...) before so I'm quite anxious. a) flew b) flown c) flight 23) We've just (...) a reply from the customer. a) get b) gettin c) got 24) I've never (...) you any reason to think I'm in love with you. a) gave b) give c) given 25) Mike's just (...) out. You may still catch him downstairs. a) gone b) went c) goed 26) You've (...) a lot since I last saw you. a) growen b) grown c) grewed 27) When I was a kid I (...) a lot of toys. a) had b) haven c) hed 28) I've never (....) you sing before. a) hear b) hearen c) heard 29) I've never (...) anyone. a) hited b) hitten c) hit 30) I've never (...) a baby in my arms. a) held b) hold c) holden 31) I've never (...) anyone. a) hert b) hurt c) heart 32) I've always (....) a pile of books on my bedside table. a) keep b) keepen c) kept 33) How long have you (...) about it? a) known b) knew c) knowed 34) Have you ever (....) to ski? a) lernt b) learnt c) learnd 35) Maggie's already (...). Try to catch her tomorrow. a) leaven b) leave c) left 36) I've just (...) Jane my car. a) lent b) lended c) lend 37) Oh, dear. I've (...) my wallet. a) losted b) losten c) lost 38) Have you (...) breakfast for the guests yet? a) make b) maiden c) made 39) I've never (...) to hurt you. a) meant b) mean c) min 40) I've never (...) a more beautiful woman. a) meat b) met c) meet 41) Have you (...) the phone bill yet? a) paid b) paided c) payed 42) The man over there has just (...) a strange bag in the bin. a) putten b) put c) putted 43) Have you (...) any poems by Emily Dickinson? a) rode b) ridden c) read 44) Have you ever (...) a camel? a) rode b) ridet c) ridden 45) I've just (...) the police. They'll be here any minute now. a) rung b) rang c) ring 46) I've just (...) two kilometres. a) ren b) run c) ran 47) She hasn't (...) anything yet. a) say b) says c) said 48) I haven't (...) Jane today. Is she in the office? a) seen b) saw c) seemed 49) We haven't (...) anything for weeks! a) selled b) sold c) seld 50) I've just (...) my driver to pick you up from the station. a) sent b) sended c) send 51) I've never (...) you where I live. a) show b) shew c) shown 52) The shop assistant has just (...) the door. a) shoten b) shut c) shot 53) I've never sung in public before. a) sang b) sing c) sung 54) I've always (...) here during the mass and I'm not going to move now. a) sitten b) set c) sat 55) Have you ever (...) outdoors? a) sleepen b) slept c) slapt 56) I have never (...) to our neighbour. a) spoken b) speaken c) spoke 57) We've just (...) a week with Lucy's parents. a) spent b) spend c) spand 58) This monument has always (...) in the middle of the park a) stand b) stood c) standin 59) I have never (...) anything in my life! a) steal b) stole c) stolen 60) I have never (....) in a river before. a) swum b) swim c) swam 61) Have you (...) your medicine today? a) took b) taken c) take 62) Have you ever (...) in a school? a) teached b) tought c) taught 63) I've (...) you a hundred times to leave me alone! a) told b) tell c) tellen 64) I've never (...) someone could be so irresponsible. a) taught b) thought c) thinken 65) I've (...) away all my old textbooks. a) thrown b) threw c) throw 66) The patient went into a coma after a car accident and hasn't (...) up yet. a) wake b) woken c) woke 67)  I've never (...) mini skirts and I'm not going to. a) worn b) wear c) wore 68) I have never (...) women who don't want to work. a) understanden b) understand c) understood 69) Have you ever (...) a competition? a) won b) winned c) winnen 70) She's (...) more than thirty novels and she's only fifty! a) wraitten b) written c) wrote





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