1) I have an important exam tomorrow. a) Congratulations! b) Good luck! c) Best wishes! 2) I have just won a prize. a) Good luck! b) Poor you! c) Congratulations! 3) What is she like? a) She likes bananas. b) She looks like her dad. c) She is nice and generous. 4) What are you interested in? a) I have lots of computer games. b) I like computer games. c) You play lots of computer games. 5) Can I borrow your pen? a) Yes, of course. Here you are. b) No, I’m busy. c) I have got lots of pens. 6) Your friend is worried about her exams. a) Speak up! b) Take it easy! c) Shame on you! 7) I have just failed an exam. a) Take care! b) Shame on you! c) Poor you! 8) What does she look like? a) She likes geography. b) She is tall and slim. c) She is friendly and nice. 9) Do you like this painting? a) I am good at art. b) Yes, it’s amazing. c) No, I am at the art gallery. 10) What’s the weather like today? a) It’s summer. b) It’s cold and rainy. c) I like when it is sunny.




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