1) You can’t hear your friend. a) Speak up! b) Will you please be quiet? c) Don’t be shy. 2) How about going to the park? a) Have a nice day. b) Never mind. c) That’s a brilliant idea. 3) You have some delicious biscuits and want to share them with your friend. a) Help yourself. b) Help me. c) Help you. 4) I don't know which book I want to choose. a) Well, if you like. b) Well, make up your mind. c) Well, change your mind. 5) Was the test difficult? a) No, it was a piece of bread. b) No, it was a piece of roll. c) No, it was a piece of cake. 6) You have just broken your friend’s vase. a) I’m so sorry. b) Excuse me. c) Pardon 7) What should I do? a) Go ahead. b) It's up to you. c) I've changed my mind. 8) My dog is seriously ill. a) Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. b) I'd really like to see it. c) Your dog isn't going to make it. 9) You look really pale. a) Oh really? I like pale blue. b) I feel sick. c) Never mind. 10) How long have you known them? a) For 10 years. b) 10 years ago. c) Quite well.




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