1) Do you mind if I sit here? a) Not at all. b) I'd rather you didn't. c) I suppose so. 2) Do you think he is guilty? a) Yes, I think. b) I am not so sure. c) He thinks he is. 3) I'm sorry, but I've spilled some juice. a) You're welcome. b) It won't happen again. c) It's nothing, forget it. 4) How can I get to the nearest post office? a) You can get on the bus here. b) The post office is now. c) Go straight ahead and turn left at the traffic lights. 5) Who is going to wash up today? a) It's my turn. b) He is going there. c) There is a washing liquid on the table. 6) Look! Here comes Peter, our birthday boy! a) Take care! b) Let's go home. c) All the best! 7) Can I use your mobile to call my mum? a) Go ahead. b) It's up to you. c) I've changed my mind. 8) You want to introduce your friend. a) My friend is great. b) I have known my friend for 2 years. c) This is Peter. 9) How was your trip? a) We went by car. b) You're kidding. c) Absolutely amazing. 10) Your mum has a new job. It's her first day at work today. a) Best wishes! b) Good job! c) Good luck!




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