The volcano wildly erupted., I strongly defend the protest., It is risky to demolish those documents., Many elastic bands will hold these things together., We must quickly get to safety., Wendy bravely completed the hike., There are many students in the lobby., The job will be completed in plenty of time., I do not trust that pretty lady at all., Many men will enlist in the navy., What is that nasty smell?, Many students got dizzy from their flu shots., The crazy child did not behave., James is quite handy at the shop., The empty house is filthy., Can you comprehend this document?, Bill had a tuxedo for the prom., I demand that you locate the missing equipment., We prevented a crisis with the contract., I predict that it will be a crisis., This student is quite polite in class., When will the ducks migrate?, Both friends will fly together to Wisconsin., many will envy, only use justly, packed with plenty, many lucky students, pretty ruby ring, come to the lobby, too skinny now, puny and small, tidy and new, felt pretty cozy, locate new home, veto the bill, know how to debate, revise rule now, know the sly plan, has lots of gusto, unite new friends.

Just Words Unit 8 Phrases and Sentences (Fluency)

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