1) Michael ___ home late last night. a) come b) has come c) came 2) Bill ran ___ to the top of the hill. a) towards b) up c) through 3) They ___ a pizza yesterday. a) didn't eat b) eat c) don't eat 4) What time ___ you go to the party last night? a) do b) did c) were 5) The car drove ___ the bridge and turned left. a) through b) into  c) over 6) Where did you ____ this bike? a) bought b) buys c) buy 7) We ___ Bob at the cinema. a) see b) did see c) saw 8) She walked ___ the shop window without stopping to look in. a) through b) across c) past 9) Who did you ___ in town yesterday? a) meets b) met c) meet 10) _____ they see a film last night? a) Did b) Do c) Were





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