1) Lucy _________ (seem) a nice person. a) seem b) seems c) is seeming d) seeming 2) My colleagues and I ___________ (work) on a project now. a) am working  b) work c) working d) are working 3) This __________ (be) Alex. a) be b) is being c) is d) are 4) My friend and I __________ (eat) ice-cream at the moment. a) eat b) eating c) am eating d) are eating 5) Elizabeth ___________ (take) her tea with milk. a) takes b) is taking c) take d) is takeing 6) They ___________ (not eat) chocolate every day. a) aren’t eating b) don’t eat c) doesn’t eating  d) not eating 7) You look so serious! What ____________ (think) about? a) is she thinking b) are you thinking c) do you think d) does you thinking 8) I can’t talk now, my dear, I ____________ (drive)! a) I’m driving b) drive c) driving d) are driving 9) The train __________ (not leave) at 7:45 on Mondays. a) isn’t leaving b) doesn’t leave c) don’t leave d) isn’t leaveing 10) She _________ (sleep) with her parents, tonight. a) sleep b) sleeps c) are sleeping  d) is sleeping  11) Mum ________ (make) a cake for me, once a week. a) makes b) make c) is making d) making 12) ___________ (read/your uncle) the newspaper regularly? a) Are your uncle reading  b) Is your uncle reading  c) Does your uncle read d) does your uncle reads 13) Where are they? _________ (they/sit) in the garden?  a) Are they sitting  b) Do they sit c) Are sitting they d) Are they siting  14) Sarah never _________ (go) to the cinema alone. a) go b) goes c) is going d) are going  15) My friend Marta _____________ (work) as an admin in a big company. a) working b) is working c) work d) works 16) We ____________ (not study) volcanoes this week at school. a) not studying b) don't study  c) aren’t studying d) aren’t studing 




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