have a crush on - Brad Pitt has an amazing sense of humor and he's really fun to work with. I mean, who doesn’t _______ him?, lack of - His _____ motivation to study results in bad grades., from scratch - We had to start again _____., gets together - The whole family usually _____ at Christmas., turned - She _____18 last year., lacking - I just started working, so I’m _____ experience.,  looking down on - I shouldn't but I can't help _____ people who smoke and use tobacco products when it's proven to cause cancer., a crush - Keri has _____ on Roberto, but she is too shy to tell him.,  all's fair in love and war - He kept asking her out although she had said no several times –,  looks down on - I hate to say this but my father _____ anyone who doesn’t come from a wealthy background., get-together - Secondly, there should be an annual __of neighbourhood watch representatives in each district.,




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