1) Andrzej Sapkowski ... a book series "The Witcher". a) writed b) wrote c) did wrote d) did write 2) We ... at our hotel until after midnight. a) not did arrive b) not arrive c) no arrive d) didn't arrive 3) The ship ... to Chile last month. a) sailed b) swimmed c) swam d) not sailed 4) It's very ... of you to help us. a) funny b) kind c) serious d) quiet 5) You're in a ... (=happy and positive) mood this morning. a) serious b) brilliant c) cheerful d) friendly 6) She fell and ... her shoulder. a) killed b) destroyed c) injured d) murdered 7) When one car hit another, it is called a road ... . a) rescue b) fault c) attack d) accident 8) Keep ... and call the police. a) friendly b) quiet c) calm d) afraid 9) People often give to ... at Christmas time. a) celebration b) charity c) politicians d) inspiration 10) He spent the last ten years of his life in a ... after he fell from the second floor.  a) chairwheel b) charitywheel c) wheelchair d) willchair 11) My diet would be fine if only I didn't have a ... for cookies. a) sickness b) happiness c) tidiness d) weakness 12) Symptoms of the ... include a high temperature and a persistent dry cough. a) brilliance b) illness c) sadness d) happiness 13) How much do you ... (=think) it's going to cost? a) look b) definitely c) possible d) reckon 14) A ... number of people visited the concert. a) freezing b) boiling c) huge d) brilliant 15) The shop assistant was rude and ... . a) kind b) unhelpful c) fair d) tidy




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