1) She works on the farm and grows crops and milks cows. She’s a _________. a) Lawyer b) Farmer c) Scientist 2) He helps people in their houses and fixes leaks. He’s a ____________. a) Farmer b) Nurse c) Plumber 3) She works in the supermarket and gives change to customers. She’s a_________. a) Cashier b) Sports centre manager c) Scientist 4) He builds buildings and bridges. He’s an __________. a) Engineer b) Plumber c) Scientist 5) She helps people with the law. She’s a_________. a) Nurse b) Farmer c) Lawyer 6) She can work in a laboratory and do experiments. She’s a________. a) Cashier b) Scientist c) Engineer 7) He gives intructions to other workers in a sports centre. He’s a ___________. a) Sports centre manager b) Lawyer c) Nurse 8) She works in a hospital and looks after patients. She’s a___________. a) Plumber b) Nurse c) Scientist





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