1) Sarah ... in the park when she met her neighbor. a) jogged b) had jogged c) was jogging 2) Tim ... at 7.30, had breakfast and went to the pool. a) got up b) had got up c) was getting up 3) We were cycling in the forest while Tom ... in the lake. a) swam b) was swimming c) had swum 4) Adam didn't go horse-riding because he ... his riding boots. a) was forgetting b) had forgotten c) forgot 5) She didn't believe that I ... volleyball before. a) had never played b) was never playing c) never played 6) When we ... at the court, the match had already finished. a) arrived b) had arrived c) were arriving 7) Kim ... her skating boots and stepped onto the ice rink. a) was putting on b) put on c) had put on 8) Mark ... injured while he was overtaking his rivals. a) was getting b) had got c) got 9) John ... (walk) towards the stadium when he ... (hear) a loud explosion. a) walked, heard b) was walking, heard c) walked, was hearing 10) The play ... (end) and everyone ... (leave) the theatre. a) ended, left b) was ending, left c) ended, was leaving 11) When ... (you/realise) that you ... (leave) your wallet at home? a) did you realize, left b) had you realized, left c) did you realize, had left





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