House of Commons - Members of Parliament that are made up of elected representatives that are voted in by the public. , Monarch - The oldest form of government., Bill - Once a white paper is produced, a 'draft act' can be presented in Parliament. This is known as a _________., PressureGroups - Public concerns often lead to these as society sees a need for change. , GreenPaper - A proposal of legislative reform and usually offers many possibilities of legislative change. , House of Lords - Members of Parliament that are supposed to offer insight and their expertise in a particular and their insight is seen as valuable. , Ping-Pong Effect - During the debating process, the Bill is passed between the House of Commons and the House of Lords as the Lords can offer changes to make on the Bill. This is known as the ____________, which can only happen twice. , Judicial Precedent - Where judges are able to make adjustments or add detail to an original case due to the circumstances of the case. This could then be considered as an example or guide when dealing with cases of similar nature. ,

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