Police - Work closely with the CPS in charging and prosecution of offenders. , Ministry of Justice - Oversees the work of: HM Courts & Tribunals service, probation services and prison systems., Crown Prosecution Service - Advise the police on charging a suspect and appear in the courts to conduct the advocacy of a case., HM Courts and Tribunals Service - Liaison with the police/independent security firms and prisons to ensure safe delivery of prisoners to court. , HM Prison Service - Works with the probation service when a prisoner is to be released and also works with the judge as the judge sets a term of imprisonment (length, time.etc). , National Probation Service - Works with the police who will arrest a prisoner recalled while on probation and ensure return to prison., Sentencing Council - Works with the judiciary and other legal professionals to produce guidelines on sentencing. , Campaigns for Change - Can liaise with various agencies for support to enable effective change. E.g. Sarah's Law- worked with police on sex offender disclosure scheme. ,

Criminology Unit 4: AC1.2 Organisation & Agencies Relationships




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