rational ideology - "The decision to commit a crime is a choice based on a rational calculation of the consequences.", social control - Strategies for preventing deviant human behaviours. Encourage everyone in society to abide by the law., traditions - Transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation e.g. Cultural, Religious, Common Practice/Expectations., morality - Standards of behaviour that are viewed as right or wrong- usually ethical and honest. , internalisation - When you internalise both of social rules and morality, then they will drive your behaviour. , social rules - Unwritten rules about behaviour- expected behaviour in society. , coercion - The use of force or threats to achieve a desired outcome = people to abide by the law., deterrence - Threat to stop people offending., travis hirschi - ___________ stated that people need 4 main bonds in their life; attachments, commitments, involvement and belief. If we have all 4, we are less likely to commit crime., inner - _____ containment comes from our upbringing and influence from family socialisation. , outer - _____ containment comes from the influences of social groups around us., reckless - Surname of the man who developed a control theory called 'containment theory'. Walter ________.,




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