All flesh is grass - Biblical reminder of human mortality, this slow evening - When the train goes "down England", pebble-dashed - unimagined,...estates, his touch - Mrs Midas' final words, as long as we are - for... = temporary, Brady and Hindley - Murderers contemporary with being in Mrs T's Class, a skelf - How much shame she feels about changing to fit in, solutions - Chemical mixtures & answers, What like is it - Scots phrase in 'The way...', golden chalice - drinking vessel suggesting shiny but poisoned, a caravan - What was "in the wilds, in a glade of its own", a satin heart - "Not a red rose or...", caesura - Break in the middle of a line, assonance - Repeated vowel sounds, minor sentence - Sentence without main verb, Greed, Selfishness - Themes - Mrs Midas, 4 Sestets, ABBCDD - 'War Photographer', Africa - Mrs T's map of?, Innocence/ Maturity - Meaning of "green, erotic pond", A lover or an onion - What will blind you with tears?, like a snake - How does your tongue shed its skin?, the cat - Where the cat goes, country - I want our own..., a ghost - What emerges as the photograph develops, Oxymoron - Technique in "I am happy and sad", like a sweetshop - Simile for how the classroom glowed, Autumn - Time of year for Mrs Midas, crude, cliched - What's wrong with red roses, satin hearts, kissograms?, browsing - (searching) for the right sky, blind toy - Whose paw?,

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