1) My friend, ___ project about environmental protection won the competition, goes to an eco-school. a) whose b) which c) who 2) Car exhaust fumes, ____ cause a lot of polution, are dangerous to human health. a) who b) which c) that 3) Diving in a turquoise ocean, ____ is inhabited by numerous species, in an extraordinary experience. a) where b) which 4) WWF, ___ mission is to conserve nature, is known worldwide. a) whose b) which c) where 5) Last week I interviewed Mark, ___ is in charge of our school's eco team. a) whom b) whose c) who d) which 6) The Amazon, ____ you can see amazing fauna and flora, has become a popular travel destination. a) which b) where c) who 7) The panda, ____ is an endangered species, has been WWF's logo since 1961. a) which b) who 8) The animal rescuers finally caught an injured dolphin ___ was seen near the coast. a) which b) who




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