1) kurtka a) coat b) jacket c) suit d) jumper 2) bluza a) sweatshirt b) skirt c) hoody d) blouse 3) spodnie a) jeans b) trousers c) tights d) short 4) Which of these examples of footwear are only for women? a) trainers b) slippers c) high heels d) wellingtons 5) Which of these things are an example of jewellery? a) zip b) earrings c) necklace d) bracelet 6) What do you wear on your neck? a) scarf b) tie c) underwear d) necklace 7) Which of these can you see in the photo? a) pocket b) button c) zip d) sleeve 8) T-shirts are usually made of ...... a) leather b) silk c) cotton 9) Which of these is not a material: a) leather b) wool c) silk d) sleeve 10) Which of these verbs means " pasować" a) suit b) match c) go with d) try on 11) What is the opposite of : put on a) get dressed b) try on c) take off 12) Which pattern can you see? a) striped b) spotted c) checked d) plain 13) Jak spytasz o wygląd? a) What does she like? b) What is she like? c) What would she like? d) What does she look like? 14) Jak spytasz o charakter? a) What is he like? b) What does he like? c) What did he like? d) What does he look like?





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