How are you today?, How are you?, How big is the pizza?, How is the weather today?, How many students are in your class?, How much is it?, How much is that sweater?, How old are you?, How old is Carl?, How old is she?, What are their names?, What is a helmet?, What is he like?, What is his job?, What is it?, What is the problem?, What is your favourite hobby?, What is your name?, What time is it?, When is it?, When is the concert?, When is the test?, When is your birthday?, Where are they today?, Where are you from?, Where are you?, Where is the restaurant?, Where is your schoolbag?, Which is your book?, Who am I?, Who is he?, Who is in the kitchen?, Who is your best friend?, Who is your favourite singer?, Who is your teacher?, Why are you here?.

Present Simple - to be - Pytania szczegółowe - 36 PYTAŃ - Wh- questions - MotywujacyAnglista.PL - Angielski Korepetycje





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