1) Tell me five colours. 2) How old are you? 3) Put your book under the table. 4) Tell me five school objects. 5) Translate: I can speak English. 6) Tell me four rooms in your home. 7) Put your rubber in the pencilcase. 8) Translate: We can't play the piano. 9) What's your favourite food? 10) Translate: She doesn't like dancing. 11) Tell me seven animals. 12) Complete: He ............. (like/likes) spaghetti. 13) Say in English: Noi siamo studenti. 14) Put your hands on your head. 15) Spell your name. 16) Say in English: Loro sanno nuotare. 17) Tell me the numbers from ten to twenty. 18) Say in English: Mi piace il calcio. Non mi piace il basket. 19) Complete: She ......... (sa) sing. 20) Translate: Today I'm wearing a red T-shirt and blue trousers. 21) Tell me the days of the week. Today is... 22) Complete: (Do/Does) ......... you like sushi? 23) Say in English: Lui ha otto fratelli.





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