1) Rachel grows crops and milk cows. a) Rachel is a farmer. b) Rachel has to get up early every day. c) Rachel has to look after animals. 2) I have some sad days at work. a) My job is always sad. b) It can be funny at my work. c) It is sometimes sad at my work. 3) I love my job when the weather is good. a) The weather is always good when I work. b) The weather is sometimes bad at my work. c) It's difficult to work when the weather is bad. 4) Peter has a job that is always boring. a) Peter has a dull job. b) It's never interesting in Peter's job. c) It's sometimes interesting in Peter's job. 5) Tina earns a lot of money. a) Tina has a well paid job. b) Tina's job is interesting. c) Tina gets a lot of money for her job. 6) He has a lot of fun at work. a) His job is dull. b) There are funny situations at his work. c) It's funny in his job.




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