1) Was Windrush the only ship that brought migrants from the Caribbean to the UK? Discuss 2) Who was Mary Seacole  3) Did you know Dzagbele Matilda Asante – worked in the UK as a nurse before Windrush and the NHS 4) Omitted from History: Asquith Xavier - Pioneering train guard gains recognition for his contribution towards achieving equality in employment law in 1966. 5) Did you know John Kent – was Britain’s First Black Policeman - 1835 to 1846   6) Clive Sullivan- Rugby’s First Black Captain - Sullivan represented Great Britain 17 times and appeared at three World Cups, 1968 and 1972 with Great Britain and in 1975 for Wales. 7) Margaret Busby: Doyenne of Black British Publishing A woman of firsts, editor, writer and broadcaster Margaret Busby OBE became the UK's youngest publisher in 1967. 8) Lilian Bader: World War Two for the Caribbean community actually starts before her birth, with her Fathers contribution in World War One. 9) Who was Lord David Pitt? 10) The General Election of 1987 saw the historic election to the House of Commons of four Black Members of Parliament. 11) Wilfred Denniston Wood KA (born 15 June 1936) was Bishop of Croydon from 1985 to 2003, the first black bishop in the Church of England 12) Sislin Fay Allen became Britain's first black WPC, joining the Metropolitan Police in 1968. 13) Dr John Anthony Roberts QC. The first person of African ancestry to be made a QC in England and Wales 14) How Black Soldiers Helped Britain in First World War British Empire called on people across world to sacrifice themselves to the cause 15) The Bristol Bus Boycott of 1963 - please research 16) Frank Bailey: Remembering London’s First Black Firefighter - 1955 17) Black Britons served in WW1 in the Army and Navy. 18) Who was Queen Charlotte 19) Dido Elizabeth Belle (left) and her cousin Lady Elizabeth Murray (right) 20) Who was Barbara Blake Hannah 1968 21) Francis Barber - research 22) No dogs No Irish No Blacks - let's discuss  23) Slavery in Britain - please research  24) Black Georgians in Britain - please research  25) Did you know Queen Philippa of England was of Black Moorish ancestry, born in Valenciennes in the County of Hainaut in the Low Countries of northern France.


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