1. Inviting Joe and his ex-wives to the same party was a ____. 2. The film has ____ of a box office hit. 3. Let's invite lots of friends to our wedding to ____ the relatives a bit. 4. I'm not going to call him. I'm going to let him ____ for another few days at least. 5. The police ____ the suspect for hours, but eventually let him go. 6. I'm sure this is going to be another of his ____ schemes that never comes to anything. 7. Let's hire a karaoke machine - that'll ____the office party. 8. Rick has started hanging around with some ____ characters. 9. They started their business with high hopes but things soon turned ____. 10. Let's go for a coffee and you can tell me all the ____ gossip.

Food metaphors (McCarthy & O'Dell, p. 74)




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