grilled - My mother asked me a lot of very searching questions about where I had been last night. , spice up - Let's make the evening more interesting by organizing some party games!, juicy - What's been happening while I was on holiday? You must fill me in on all the interesting gossip!, stew - Don't tell her that her briefcase has been found. Let her suffer for a bit longer - perhaps she'll be more careful with it in future. , dilute - It might be a good idea to make these investments a bit less dominant in your portfolio by exchanging some of them for others in a different line of business. , turned sour  - They lived together happily for many years, but things changed for the worse when his mother came to live with them. , recipe for success - Patience combined with interest in your pupils is bound to lead to success for a teacher. , always half-baked - Lance's ideas are never thought through properly. ,

Food metapors 2 (McCarthy & O'Dell, p. 75) ONLINE EXERCISE




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