1) The opposite of a sweet dish is a ... dish.  a) off-putting  b) sluggish c) savoury 2) A bad-tempered waiter, unwilling to smile ... a) courteous b) sullen c) fussy eater 3) What's the opposite of formal gathering?  a) an informal get-together b) takeaway c) nibbles 4) The opposite of rude staff ... ?  a) courteous staff b) teetotal staff c) overbearing staff 5) We describe rather slow service as ... .  a) sluggish b) impeccable c) off-putting 6) Eat whatever your hosts are eating at home, not a special meal for you.  a) Take pot luck. b) Get-together. c) Grab a bite. 7) "That's enough, thanks." a) "When!" b) "Then!" c) "Now!" 8) "We leave at six. We can ... to eat on the way."  a) grab a bite b) take away c) go out of our way 9) Small items you eat before a meal, or at a reception? a) seconds b) nibbles c) takeaway 10) Another portion of what you have just eaten... a) ... nibbles. b) ... seconds. c) ... sweet tooth.

Food misc quiz (McCarthy & O'Dell, pp. 76-77) ONLINE EXERCISE




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