actor - This person act in plays., artist - This person paint pictures., dancer - This person knows steps of salsa., director - This person makes films and tells actors what to do., musician - This person can play the instrument/s., photographer - This person takes photos., writer - This person creates the stories., camera - You can use it to take photos but it isn't your phone., ballet - It's a traditional dance. Dancers usually are in white., cartoon - It's type of drawing movie. Especially for kids., documentary - It's type of movie about true life/history., graphic novel - It's a drawing story (type of book)., techno - It's a type of electronic music., adult - It's a person who is older than 18 years., couch potato - It's a person who spend a lot of time in front of the TV ., kid - A person who isn't a baby, but isn't a teenager., pensioner - This person doesn't work because of his/her age., teenager - This person is aged from 13 to 19., review - It's a good idea to read one before you see a film., picture - It's a big photo or drawing.,

Revision UNIT 1 culture wordlist EC A2+




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