1) She was ... when she was ... a) slimer... young b) slimmer... youngest c) slimmest ... younger d) slimmer ... younger 2) Ann gets ... her class. a) the best marks of b) best marks than c) better marks d) the goodest marks in 3) I am ... my school. a) baddest of b) the worse student in c) worse than d) the worst student in 4) This film is ... that one. a) funny than b) funnier than c) funniest than d) funnyest than 5) Paul is ... his brother. a) more tall than b) taller than c) more taller than d) tallest than 6) You know his ... friend. a) dearest b) the dearest c) the most dear d) more dear than 7) That party was ... all. a) the most amusing of b) most amusing of c) the amusing of d) very amusing of 8) Mary is ... the world. a) the happiest girl in b) happier than c) the most happy in d) the happyest of 9) My dog is ... yours. a) dirtyer than b) dirtier of c) more dirty than d) dirtier than 10) My little brother was ... child at the party. a) annoyingest b) the most annoying  c) the more annoying d) most annoying 11) You are always ... all. a) most boring of b) the boringest og c) the most boring of d) the more boring than 12) My smartphone is ... thing I have got. a) the most useful b) the usefullest c) more useful than d) the best useful 13) The book was ... the film a) the most exciting of b) more exciting than c) excitinger than d) most exciting than 14) What's ... animal on earth? a) the most ferocious b) more ferocious c) the more ferocious d) the ferociousest 15) My mobile phone isn't ... hers. a) more modern than b) most modern that c) moderner than d) the most modern of 16) His PC is ... mine. a) the oldest of b) the older than c) more old than d) older than




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