1) They have a____________ post-box. a) old red lovely b) lovely old red c) lovely red old d) red old lovely 2) The playroom has six ______________ tables. a) round small plastic b) plastic small round c) round plastic small d) small round plastic 3) I bought some __________________ ornaments at the flea market a) silver Victorian charming b) Victorian charming silver c) charming Victorian silver d) charming silver Victorian 4) She is selling her ______________ car. a) Italian flashy 3-year old b) 3-year old flashy Italian c) flashy Italian 3-year old d) flashy 3-year-old Italian 5) It was a __________ day. a) beautiful cold b) cold beautiful 6) I ate a _______________ pizza. a) delicious Italian round b) round Italian delicious c) delicious round Italian d) Italian round delicious 7) My mum bought an ____________ armchair. a) old-fashioned green English  b) English old-fashioned green c) old-fashioned English green d) green English old-fashioned 8) I like this ____________ table. a) Swedish glass b) glass Swedish

Blaze 2 Module 1.5 Order of adjectives




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