1) Why _______ you playing a computer game now? You have to do your homework! a) are b) do c) does 2) What time ________ your sister finish her ballet classes? a) do b) is c) does 3) Why _______ you laughing? a) is b) are c) do 4) Who ____ at school? a) are b) does c) is 5) Why _______ you always eat a banana for breakfast? I think bananas are delicious. a) do b) are c) does 6) Why ______ he waiting in the rain? She likes rain. a) are b) does c) is 7) Where___________ she going tomorrow? To London. a) is b) are c) does 8) How often __________ Mary go to school on foot? Every day. a) do b) does c) is 9) Why ____ he so sad? Why ____ he crying? a) is/is b) does/is c) does/does 10) What time _____ you meeting tomorrow? At 6am a) are b) is c) do 11) _____ she having a shower now? a) Does b) Is c) Do 12) _____you like skating? Yes, I do! a) Does b) Are c) Do 13) _____ she like pears? No, she prefers apples. a) Does b) Are c) Do 14) What _____ your mother do? She's a doctor. a) is b) does c) do 15) When _____ Peter's son have guitar classes? Every Friday. a) do b) does c) is 16) What _____ Peter's sons doing now? a) is b) do c) are 17) How much ____ you pay for your guitar classes every month? a) does b) are c) do 18) What ______ your brother like doing in the evenings? a) is b) does c) are





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