1) They make these cars in Japan. 2) You must not drop litter in the street. 3) Someone smashed our window last night. 4) They have already mended the TV set. 5) People will need public transport. 6) They are decorating the wall. 7) You should not replace the roof. 8) People are spending less money this year. 9) They had cooked the meal before 10 o'clock. 10) Someone was building the wall when I was there. 11) They sell this food in every shop. 12) People sent more parcels last year. 13) We haven't cleaned the house for weeks. 14) They are going to open a new supermarket next week. 15) They couldn't use the car because the garage was servicing it. 16) Will they publish her new book next month? 17) The police have just arrested him on suspicion of murder. 18) Someone has just found her. 19) She had finished the work by the end of 1997. 20) We are going to close the factory. 21) They discuss important subjects at lunchtime every day. 22) Tom and Bill are still considering this matter. 23) They were making every effort to end the strike. 24) You must clean the house. 25) Somebody told him about that yesterday. 26) When did he make this mistake? 27) How often do your teachers ask you?


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