rude - impolite, to have a conversation with - to talk to sb, to react to a situation - to act in response to something, acceptable - accepted by most people, to check the notifications on your phone - to read the system messages on your phone, an attitude to sth - a way of thinking or feeling about sth, to interrupt - to break into a conversation between people, to reply to sth - to answer sth, time will tell - we'll see, it is considered unwise - people think it is silly, irresponsible, to run sb over - to knock sb down with a car, to bump into sth - to hit sth accidentally, to trip over sth - to fall, to pull out your phone - to take your phone out, to ring sb - to call sb, it is really urgent - it is very important and needs quick action or attention, it is frowned upon to use your mobile - it is not acceptable to use your mobile, interacting with other people - talking to each other, communicating, working together etc., to cause arguments - to be the reason for arguments, to feel tempted to do sth - to want to do sth that is wrong, the likelihood of being caught - the probability of being caught, what springs to mind is ... - what comes to mind is ..., it goes without saying - it's obvious, a conscious decision - a decision that was thought over,




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