1) What principle does the ego work on? a) Reality b) Pleasure c) Morality 2) Name a defence mechanism a) Agreement b) Regression c) Repression 3) The mind consists of three parts; the conscious, the unconscious and the...? a) Subconscious b) preconscious c) midconscious 4) Which psychosexual stage comes after the phallic stage? a) Latency b) Genital c) Oral 5) Which part of the personality is the only one present at birth? a) The id b) The ego c) The superego 6) What is the formal name for a fake science? a) Pseudoscience b) Social science c) psychology 7) A limitation of the case study method is that it is: a) highly subjective b) Objective c) Scientific 8) Jenny has had a row with her friend, she goes home and yells at her younger sister. Which defence mechanism is she using? a) Denial b) Displacement c) Repression 9) Unresolved conflicts lead to? a) Fixation b) Stagnation c) Inertia 10) The name of Freudian therapy is: a) Cognitive behaviour therapy b) Client-centred therapy c) Psychoanalysis




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