1) If the machine _____, you press this button. a) stops b) will stop 2) I can't understand what he sees in her! If anyone _____ me like that, I would be extremely angry! a) treats b) will treat c) treated 3) If you _______ with this exercise, I will do the same for you one day. a) help b) helped 4) According to the timetable, if the train ____ on time, we ______ arrive at 5:30. a) leaves/would b) leaves/will c) left/would 5) If it ____ fine tomorrow, we _____ to the coast. a) is/go b) is/will go c) will be/ will go 6) If we _____ a taxi, we _____ there before the play starts. a) find/will get b) find/would get c) found/would get 7) If I ______ you tonight, _______ in? a) phone/will you be b) phone/are you c) phoned/would you be 8) I don't like this flat. I think I _____ happier if I _______ in a house in the country. a) would be/would live b) will be/will live c) would be/lived





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