1) Who was a designer of term "UX"? a) Goslig James b) Torvalds Linus c) Norman Don d) Gates Bill 2) When the name was created? a) 2005 b) 1995 c) 1985 d) 1975 3) Where was the origin of UX? a) China b) USA c) Feng Shui d) UK 4) When was the origin of UX ? a) 3000 bc b) 1000 c) 2000 d) 4000 bc 5) What is a "Feng Shui"? a) country or town where was origin of UX b) one of features of UX c) person who improved UX d) method of creating interface in friend way 6) What do you think the autor of song wants the most ? a) cry b) program all day c) die  d) user friendly UX 7) What is the most important on beginning to creating UX? a) Factors b) Money c) to do it as fast as possible d) Colours 8) What are fundamental elements with which to start? a) Usefulness b) Usability c) Desirability d) None of these 9) How many steps has UX creating process? a) 3 b) 6 c) 8 d) 10 10) What are some of these steps? a) Research, Sketch, Design b) Test, Understand, Resources c) Sketch, Implementation, Understand d) Design, Research, Domain




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