I am a boy., How are you?, What's the weather like today?, What's your favourite room in your house?, My favourite animal is a giraffe., What have you got in your schoolbag?, What do you do in the morning?, I have got a brother., What do you do in the evening?, What are you wearing today?, What do you like to wear at the weekend?, I am wearing a T-shirt., My mum likes reading books., I brush my teeth in the bathroom., In the kitchen I cook., I sleep in my bedroom., How old are you?, I am 7 years old., Where do you live?, I live in Milanówek., What would you like to be when you grow up?, I want to be a policeman., Do you like bananas?, What is your favourite flower?, What do you do in the kitchen? I cook., What do you do in the bedroom? I sleep., What do you do in the bathroom? I brush my teeth..




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