logo - The symbol of a company., fortune - A large amount of money or goods that you possess; wealth; a person's fate or destiny, horoscopes - Reading your future based on the starts and the time when you were born, beliefs - The set of rules and ideas you think is true and make up, e.g., your religion, traits - Another word for characteristics., personality - Who you are inside; your true self, concious - To be aware; know what is happening., interpretation - How you see something; seeing the world through your filter, influence - This changes other things around it (e.g. weather changes how you feel)., subconscious - You know it on a deeper level; you are not aware of this even., gut feeling - It is a feeling in your stomach; it leads you in life., failure - The opposite of success., numerology - The study of numbers and their effect on people's personality., ambiguous - uncertain, doubtful, could have more than one interpretation., identity - The fact of being who or what a person or thing is. A distinct personality of an idividual. ,

Teen Choices Book 3 Unit 6 Lesson 1




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