1) She cooks delicious dinner every Sunday. 2) I'm sure he will be a great doctor one day. 3) I am going to travel to Paris this summer. 4) I am studying English now. Don't disturb me! 5) I broke my leg last winter. 6) She goes shopping every Saturday. 7) I watched an amazing science-fiction film at the cinema last Saturday. 8) My sister is driving home now. 9) I am visiting London next week. 10) My brother reads comics every evening. 11) I passed my final test three day ago. I was over the moon. 12) I feed my dog and take it for a walk three times a day. 13) I was doing my English homework all evening. 14) My sister is drawing a beautiful picture in her room at the moment. 15) We are going to visit Japan next month. 16) My dad was repairing his car yesterday at 3 pm. 17) I'm sure he will go to university one day. 18) I have just passed my driving licence test. 19) Have you ever seen a ghost? 20) She hasn't done her homework yet.


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