1) My shoes are similar _____  his shoes.  a) at b) to c) in 2) What is she keen ______ ? a) on b) at c) in 3) I am angry ____ my brother.  a) for b) on c) with 4) What do you like doing ____ your free time? a) in b) on c) at 5) I am good___ maths.  a) in b) at c) on 6) Is he short or ___medium height. a) to b) at c) of 7) I want to dress ____ as a goblin. a) up b) at c) on 8) Can I try____this dress? a) on b) in c) off 9) I am fond ___ dogs.  a) to b) of c) in 10) He is______basketball. He plays it every day.  a) at b) in c) into 11) Peter's jacket goes _________ yellow wellingtons.  a) with b) on c) at 12) (Czy ty jesteś)______________ angry?  a) Are you b) Have you got c) Are you be 13) My sister (ma pięc lat)________________ . a) has got five b) has five c) is five 14) (Czy masz) __________ a pencil, please? a) Has you got b) Have you got c) Are you 15) I like my friends. (Są) __________ helpful and funny. a) They are b) We are c) They have got 16) (Czy czytasz)__________________ a book now?  a) Do you read b) Are you reading c) Do you reading 17) My car (jest) _________________ blue and red. a) has got b) are c) is 18) What (gotujesz)_____________________ right now?  a) you are coooking b) are you cooking c) do you cook 19) (Nie zakładam) ________________ a raincoat. It's not raining now.  a) I'm not puting on b) I don't put on c) I'm not putting on 20) My sister ____________________ (nie chodzi) to my school.  a) doesn't go b) isn't going c) doesn't goes




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