hit/push someone so they fall to the ground - KNOCK DOWN (Jim Craig knocked down on the play by Kharlamov, allowing Maltsev an easy goal on an open net.), be in a situation you didn't plan - END UP (He ended up working as a coach after he tried different jobs.), accept you can't win - GIVE IN (After three hours of fighting one of the players decided to give in.), do as well as expected - LIVE UP TO (The match was really exciting and it lived up to everybody's expectations.), win something; defeat somebody - BEAT OFF (It is really hard to beat off fierce competition.), to have to deal with a problem - COME UP AGAINST (During the last match the players had to come up against various difficulties.), to suggest or think of an idea or plan - COME UP WITH (The coach has recently come up with new training methods.), to accept an unpleasant fact or situation after dealing with it for a while - GET OVER (They’re upset that they didn’t win, but they’ll get over it.), to not do something, often because of fear or because you do not want to make a bad situation worse - HOLD BACK (He held back in order not to get punished by the referee.), to understand the true character or nature of someone or something - SEE THROUGH (The coach always sees his players' behaviours through.), to start to use or do something as a habit - TAKE TO (I've recently read an article about someone who abandoned singing and took to sport.),




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