bride - she is getting married, groom - he is getting married, dress - clothes for women, software - e.g. Windows 10, wallet - you keep money in it, glasses - you put them on your noase when you cannot see, hoodie - sweatshirt, headphones - used to listen to music, necklace - made of gold around your neck, DOB - date of birth, slim - not fat, shorts - short trousers, wedding - ceremony of bride and groom, bracelet - made of gold around your wrist, watch - shows time, retire - stop working when 65, tights - you put them on legs under skirt, curly - not straight, guilty - He thinks he did sth wrong, move house - change flat, tired - feeling bad after much work, frightened - scared, tie - men wear it around neck , nickname - how people call you, not name, anxious - doesn't know what to do, brave - not scared, ponytail - kitka, tracksuit - dres, earrings - kolczyki, uncomfortable - doesn't feel right somewhere, disappointed - rozczarowany, curious - wants to know, glad - zadowolony, delighted - very very happy, ashamed - feels bad because of some situation, serious - not funny,





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